jeudi 15 février 2018

ETH/USD over the cloud in 4h-timeframe and in the cloud in daily timeframe

ETH/USD price has got over the Ichimoku cloud in 4-hour timeframe. 

One has to wait for the Chikou Span Line (aka Lagging Span Line) to get over all the obstacles that are over it for now (Tenkan Sen Line, Kijun Sen Line, Kumo Cloud, Price itself). 

If the Chikou Span Line / Lagging Span Line gets free in daily timeframe then that would be a good confirmation of the up-trend. 

mardi 13 février 2018

New Boosted Monero and Fantomcoin Miner : Xtreme Minergate Miner for XMR/FCN

This improved miner for XMR (Monero) and FCN (Fantomcoin) is now available and adds 25% more hashes/second than any other miner !

It works only with Minergate Pool (create an account and then enter your email in Xtreme Minergate Miner Application).

Download it for free at following URL :

Also if you need the Bytecoin Miner (Also with 25% more hashes than any other miners), here is the download link :

BTC/USD getting over the Ichimoku Cloud in 4-hour timeframe

Let's wait and see if it gets over the Ichimoku Cloud in daily timeframe ... 

For now one has to wait for the validation by the Chikou Span Line (Lagging Span Line) in 4-hour timeframe. 

The Chikou Span Line should get over the Ichimoku Cloud in 4-hour timeframe in order to have a validation of the uptrend, at least until the lower line of the Ichimoku Cloud in daily timeframe (short term investment confirmation = Chikou Span in 4-hour timeframe getting over the Cloud). 

vendredi 9 février 2018

One-hour Kijun Sen Line being tested by BTC/EUR

The validation of the 15-minute timeframe uptrend would be having the Chikou Span Line (Lagging Span Line) getting over the Ichimoku Kumo Cloud. Let's wait for the validation by Chikou Span Line that would mean a confirmation of the shortime uptrend !

The most powerful Bytecoin miner for Minergate

Hello all !

Here is a new miner called Xtreme Minergate Miner dedicated to boosted Bytecoins mining.

Download the file at following URL :

Xtreme Minergate Miner uses the CPU and the GPU for mining Bytecoin.

It uses the following opensource miners : Xmrig and XmrMiner.